Sometimes accidents happen, and your drywall gets in the way. You might be remodeling, and moving the wall of framed art and pictures leaves chips and holes were hangers went through the wall. The door that slammed back into the wall and punched a hole when you were chasing the toddler with who knows what in his hand – all are times you need a drywall expert to come take care of repairs, holes, crunches, wallops, and other damage your drywall experiences. Quality drywall repair can easily be the difference in your lease deposit being returned or a better price for your home when you sell. Drywall Jacksonville FL is a professional drywall contractor that knows drywall repairs are important to get done quickly and correctly. Our experienced team knows how to patch and repair any area, and touch it up to blend in with the surrounding surfaces, making it as discreet as possible. We work hard to make sure your home is kept clean and dust free and the surface repaired and prepared to receive the finish of your choice, never hinting that the drywall had a bad day.

Drywall repairs are one post-construction challenge, similar to a basement remodel, that really needs to be dealt with as soon as possible after the damage occurs. Drywall by nature is fire resistant and somewhat water resistant, if it does not have raw edges and therefore open gypsum to attract moisture. Drywall tends to break down around a damaged area, and can lead to more serious concerns if moisture intrudes, the holes are left unchecked and grow in size, or allows access by insects and vermin to interior of walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces. 

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It is easy to unintentionally damage your drywall. Drywall, while tough, is also brittle over the expanse. Between the studs in your wall or trusses in your ceiling drywall stretches across open areas, making it vulnerable to holes when sudden and significant force is applied. Patching those holes takes skill to make sure the drywall repair is not visible, and blends in with the level and finish of the surrounding area. When our teams go to repair damage to the wallboard, we take the supplies we need to either mesh and spackle, cut and fit in, or whatever else may be needed to patch the area. Our prep will make sure seams are butted up and sealed, edges are smooth and tapered into the mud, and the drywall compound looks like it has always been there, along with the rest of the wall.

​Repairs to drywall can get especially difficult if they are needed to a ceiling. It is a lot more challenging to patch gypsum board overhead due to anchor points not always being close to the needed repair. Ceilings often have experienced water damage due to storms, burst pipes, dripping air conditioning lines, and other things. It is important for your drywall to be completely dry so its structural integrity is not compromised by moisture, so mold and mildew do not develop, or worse, your attic insulation gets wet and turns black.  Our trained drywall experts know to check for moisture, and determine the source of damage on all drywall ceiling repairs to make certain your family and home are safe from potentially dangerous mold growth. Dampness in an attic can also leach into your sheetrock ceiling and cause it to swell, break down, and eventually collapse. Drywall Jacksonville FL’s experienced tradesmen know how to correctly and safely patch ceiling damage so it stays, looks good, and does not come down. When you need drywall and ceiling repair Jacksonville FL counts on to be safe and done right, call us.

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Correctly repairing drywall usually takes more than throwing some spackle onto a spot and smoothing it over with a putty knife. Drywall repairs by nature are challenging to not only look good but to actually repair a spot so more problems do not develop. Sheetrock and fiberglass mess needs to be applied securely to the surrounding area and to study if possible. The edges need to be blended in. Joints and seams need to be taped, correctly spackled, and dried between each application so the spackle adheres and does not crack. Using high-quality spackling mud makes a difference, both for long-term durability and how your repair looks. Cheap products do not produce quality repairs or a good-looking, well-prepared surface ready to accept paint, wallpaper, or plaster. Sanding needs to be done generating as little dust and debris as possible in order to keep your home or business clean as possible. Finally, all the repairs and surrounding areas need to be wiped down to remove any dust, because dust will cause primer, the next applied layer, to fail. We want to leave your job site clean, ready for the next step, and looking a lot better than when we arrived. 

​Drywall Jacksonville FL knows your time is valuable and we work hard to keep schedules. When we provide you our free estimate for the project you have in mind, we will also provide a tentative schedule for when we can complete the job, and how long it will take from start to finish. We realize budgets are important, and if we run into any issue during a repair, we will consult with the property owner immediately to advise them of the situation.   A quality drywall repair job can sometimes take a little longer than just a quick hole patch, especially if there are integrity issues such as water damage or mold present. We will explain what needs to be done, and how long it will take so you know what is required for a good, thorough job on your repair. 


Whether you need one hole repaired, drywall added to or modified due to remodeling, or help with major drywall overhaul due to more extensive damage, Drywall Jacksonville FL is the expert drywall repair team to call in the Jacksonville FL region. We service the entire greater Duval, St. John’s, Putnam, and Clay county area. No job is too small or too large for us, and we will provide the same great customer service, fast response, and top quality repair whether it is wall repair needed when moving out or your ceiling came down from storm damage. Call us or send in our contact form. We will get with you to schedule a convenient time to come out and estimate the job, and if it is possible, take care of it while we are there, or schedule a longer visit for more extensive work. You will appreciate our focus on detail, attention to keeping your home or business clean, and the high quality of the finished product.