​​Increase the Value of Your Home With Popcorn Ceiling Removal Jacksonville FL

Florida houses for many years utilized spray-crete or popcorn ceiling as the standard “keep it looking clean and white” ceiling cover. Popcorn ceilings often contain mica and other minerals that flaked off over time, settling sharps bits of dust into your carpet and onto furniture. They also tended to attract dust, greasy dirt, and spider webs, all of which are very challenging to remove from the somewhat sharp, jaggedly, don’t dare touch it with a broom or it will shower you with fragments surface. While some ceilings could be painted with some degree of success, they never looked really clean and fresh after doing so, and some simply could not be painted without bits of gypsum and mica hanging into the paint and making a shaggy, messy surface. Popcorn ceiling is a sure fire sign a house was built 20-50 years ago in Florida and has not been updated, remodeled, or refreshed. 

​If you have ever experienced wet plaster or wet popcorn ceiling coming off, just say it is one of the messiest, nastiest jobs you can possibly take on as a do-it-yourself homeowner project. Many people have advocated using a pressure washer or high pressure hose to remove the stuff, requiring literally moving out of your house, draping and taping everything off, and still having a massive mess to clean up with walls and floors that may or may not successfully dry. Removing a popcorn ceiling also can create floating dust containing particles you probably do not want to ingest. We are experts at removing popcorn ceilings and preparing the surface, or creating a new one, to receive paint or other materials to refresh and update the look of your home with a material that is healthier to live under.

​​​Let Drywall Jacksonville FL Take Care Of the Challenge to Repair Ceiling Drywall


Many people refer to a knock-down ceiling in the same breath as popcorn texture, but the two are actually different. Knockdown texturing is done when a very wet ceiling plaster is mixed and applied, wet enough to drag and drop a bit but not so wet as to drip completely off the ceiling. After it dries to a workable consistency, it is then troweled down, or “knock known” to a more aesthetically pleasing, softer texture, more resembling small flattened poofs. Knockdown catches less dust, looks better and updated, and can be used over a base paint color to providing a subtle, pleasing contrast on the ceiling. It can also often be applied over a popcorn ceiling that has been partly taken down or flattened out to provide a surface on which to adhere plaster or drywall mud.  Knockdown ceilings can be repaired when they are damaged, and an experienced drywall installer and “mudder” can match a pattern to blend in the texture, height, and size of the pattern so it is virtually imperceptible.

Many sheetrock ceiling repair companies will try and convince you that the entire ceiling needs to be redone in order to repair a knockdown ceiling correctly. This is rarely true unless the ceiling has other integrity issues, mold infestation, other problems, or the area is just too extensive to lend itself to a good repair that blends well. When Drywall Jacksonville FL comes out to provide an estimate for your ceiling repair we will examine the area closely to see the best solution for your property at the best price. We believe in providing value for our customers in every job we do. 

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Repairing sheetrock or drywall can be a pain, and it is honestly difficult to get it looking “right” so it is not noticeable. Holes in your ceiling spend hard-earned money heating and cooling your attic, and can lead to more serious problems such as moisture and mold intrusion. Getting a repair to blend in takes the experience and talent that a professional drywall team can provide. Call us for your popcorn ceiling removal, repair, knockdown ceiling repair, and any up-a-ladder drywall work. Our quotes are free, and our fees are very reasonable. We are local, licensed, and insured, and have many years of experience taking care of those difficult to get to, safety-challenged drywall ceiling repairs. Call us and let’s get your unsightly ceiling repairs done, saving you time, heating and cooling costs, and further damage.​