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Drywall is one of the 20th-century inventions that truly reinvented interior construction.  Known by a number of names including dry board, gypsum board, gyprock, wallboard, plasterboard, and sheetrock, they all basically consist of gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate), drywall is made by creating a slurry of gypsum and a fiber, usually fiberglass or paper, that is then extruded and pressed between a facer and backer paper. It is then compressed and kiln-dried.  Drywall can have mica, mold and mildew retardants, and other things added to increase fire and mildew resistance, strength, or enhance the ability to hold plaster or other facing materials. Drywall’s development came about after centuries of lath and plaster application in building and home interiors that often took a week or far longer to install, apply, and then wait for drying. Drywall in the hands of an experienced crew like ours at Drywall Jacksonville FL can often have the interior of room addition or new home construction done in a day or two, compared to a week or more for traditional lath and plaster construction. 

Drywall is much stronger than most people realize, as their idea of drywall’s durability tends to stem from seeing holes in walls created by door handles, chairs, or children hitting the wall forcefully with an object. Drywall actually can support several hundred pounds of weight if the correct anchors are used and the correct thickness of drywall is installed, based on the spread width of your wall studs.

Florida Walls and Ceilings Need Special Attention

A challenge in hanging drywall in Florida is keeping in mind our climate. Drywall is available that contain additional antimicrobial, anti-mildew, and anti-mold materials, making them more resistant in our sub-tropical southern climates. Our experienced drywall installation Jacksonville team knows the area and the things that can affect the long-term durability and life of your new drywall installation. That is why we will recommend weight or thickness, as well as facing material, based on how far inland you are, how close to St. Johns or Trout River the property is located, and how much tree cover is on your property.  We also will look at how your building is constructed including whether you have metal or wood studs when we make a recommendation for drywall thickness and finishing. 

When the drywall is finished, after cutting and placement the joints are taped and covered with “mud” or drywall compound to blend the taped edge into the drywall face. Those areas are then sanded to create a smooth surface on which to apply paint, plaster, wallpaper, or other facing materials. It is important to control the dust when working with drywall, and that is why you will always see our crews carefully cover all areas, including vents and air conditioning intakes when we are working on an area of a home requiring drywall installation.  It is particularly important when installing drywall to start at the ceiling and work down, and to know how to properly apply drywall to a ceiling run, depending on the material used for the studs, so the joining edges do not lift or crack. 

Wood tends to cause what is known as truss uplift when wood trusses dry and shrink, pulling the drywall up and away from the locations where it contacts the wall panels. This causes cracking and breakage, especially in the corners of your room. Correct installation utilizes the weight of the drywall and setback of fasteners so the drywall adjusts to the drying conditions in a house. These are the tricks of the trade that a professional drywall installation contractor in Jacksonville knows will ensure a sturdy drywall application with no problems in the future.

Installation of Drywall Jacksonville FL


Drywall is notoriously heavy and challenging to install correctly. Since you are literally lifting rock sheets over your heads, it is important to have an experienced crew that makes safety first and foremost handle any job. Hanging, finishing, spraying, sanding, and painting drywall all require the knowledge and finesse of years of experience to have a final product that is well done, dust-free, and ready to move forward to the next step of your project. At Drywall Jacksonville FL, we always meet with our clients first to determine the scope of your project, and whether it is a repair, hanging an entire room, hanging over existing drywall or paneling, or new construction, and finishing that will meet your needs. We always provide free quotes for the work to be completed, as well as a time schedule for completion, as we know that drywall often is the pivot point for many other trades needing to meet schedules on your job site. 

When choosing to use economical drywall on your project, one important determination will be the finish you want to achieve. Drywall Jacksonville FL’s crews can provide Level One – just bare drywall installed, through Level Five finish, those being detailed, sometimes custom textures, patterns, or finishes including veneer plaster and other fine work. Our teams do both hands and spray finish applications, and can provide knockdown, orange peel, Spanish, and other finish patterns to match your architectural aesthetic and décor. We pride ourselves in only using top-quality drywall supplies Jacksonville FL rated, with professional mud finish materials, so you know your drywall installation is done with quality goods that work well in the local environment. 

We are able to handle any size of drywall installation with our talented, trained crews. Our many years of experience in Jacksonville and the surrounding area has given us the expertise in every type of drywall work from home repairs to new home construction, renovations, hanging both metal and wood construction, subdivision and new development installation, up to large commercial and industrial applications.  We work with metal framing, acoustical and drop ceilings, firewalls, popcorn ceiling removal and replacement, cathedral, and odd-shaped ceiling and wall installation including rounded corners, pointed ceilings, archways, specialized soundproofing, and other challenging drywall installation work you might need to be completed.

When You Want a Drywall Contractor Who Follows Your Job Start to Finish

Call Drywall Jacksonville FL or contact us through our convenient online form. We will set up a time convenient for you to come meet and discuss your project. We provide complete, thorough estimates, and also will provide expertise in what we feel are the best options or needs for your project. We work hard to provide reliable scheduling so you can plan on getting the rest of your project completed timely. Our job sites are kept clean, we work to minimize dust and debris, and we follow all industry standards for the safety and careful use of products. We always make certain to walk the final job site with our clients to make sure you are happy with the results before you sign off on the job.

Drywall Jacksonville FL wants to take care of your next drywall installation task, and save you the hard work and mess. Our crews have many years of professional experience, and our pleased customers are happy to let you know how much they appreciate the good job we did for them.  We serve greater Jacksonville – Duval, as well as St. John’s, Putnam, and surrounding counties, including the areas of Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. You will like our reasonable fees, we are local, fully licensed, and insured, and we take pride in providing the best drywall work in the entire region. Call us now to schedule a time to get your project started.